Saturday, March 5, 2011

Doodle !

Doodle history began when abstract drawing were used  for communication and keeping records. Cave drawings can be considered as doodle as the drawings were used to tell stories. You could almost say that these drawings were the foundation for all written communication. These drawing usually represent something and simply the emotion or mood. 

A quick glance at a doodle may show scribbles, random lines and shapes with no meaning or significance. However, these drawings have the potential to compete with the best art work if a little love and direction is given. Even the famous art works usually began with a simple line and scribbles.

With the right care and approach, beautiful pictures can be created. Geometric and abstract designs along with wonderfully detailed pictures can grow from one simple, single line. The ideas and creative pathways are endless. Games, activities, even emotional healing can stem from a simple mark.

Take a look at doodle arts that I have found on the net. They are beautiful and yes, artistic (:

For more information and doodle arts that you would like to see, you can click here.

Credits to www.doodle-art-alley and

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