Saturday, April 2, 2011

A good sleep

We often fail to realise how important sleep is to us until we don’t get enough of it. I do agree with this statement. Life is getting hectic and tiring and all I want right now is a good nice sleep. Nowadays, sleeping less seems to be the normal lifestyles. People are sacrificing their sleep just to do more, accomplish more and 'live' more. But unfortunately, lack of sleep has their disadvantages.

Lack of sleep can increased hunger and subsequent weight gain, as well as blood pressure and heart problems. Moreover, it can also decreased our immune function and glucose control which will lead to the development of diabetes.

Sleepy people are also grumpy, irritable and unable to focus properly, which can lead to social problems, or even worse cause work or car accidents.

Therefore, lack of sleep is not good for our physical and emotional. Below are ten tips for good sleep.

Have a good nice sleep ! (:


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